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  • The remount of Yo soy la desintegración, by Jean Piché and Yan Muckle is now available on YouTube

    Now you can watch on our YouTube channel Yo soy la desintegración, the performance opera by Jean Piché and Yan Muckle. Presented last May 5-6-7, at the Cinquième Salle of the Place des Arts, in the Quartier des spectacles, this work — inspired by the personal diary of Frida Kahlo — was performed by the soprano Stéphanie Lessard, and stage directed by Pauline Vaillancourt with a choreography by Anita Pantin.

    Production / editing / photo: Manuel A. Codina

    Good to know: all the creations of Chants Libres are available on YouTube!

    News posted Thursday, July 13, 2017

  • The team at Chants Libres wishes you a happy summer holiday

    After a busy spring during which we presented the remount of Yo soy la desintegración, Chants Libres is taking a little time off. We will be in full force in September with three performances of the Love Songs Opera by Ana Sokolović, and then we will be back in the spring to honour the celebration of the composer José Évangelista. In the meantime, we wish you the best for the summer.

    News posted Thursday, July 13, 2017

  • Love Songs Opéra by Ana Sokolović: Book your tickets now

    Only 3 performances in September 2017, on Wednesday the 27th, Thursday the 28th, and Saturday the 30th at the Gesù, Centre de créativité, In collaboration with Le Vivier.

    Chants Libres is giving "carte blanche" to Marie-Annick Béliveau who, with Jean Derome, will be performing the Love Songs Opera by Ana Sokolović; a new version of the original work created in 2008, under the direction by Frédérick Gravel.

    A complex mosaic, made up of all the musical world can offer, with its epochs and its romantic escapades, this piece for solo voice and saxophone represents love in 100 languages.

    News posted Thursday, July 6, 2017

Chants Libres, the lyric creation company, produces and tours new forms of opera, of variable geometry, in which artistic and technological innovation come together.

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