Opera | Tale (Monodrama)
  • Music: José Evangelista
  • Libretto: Alexis Nouss
  • Stage direction: Pauline Vaillancourt, Joseph Saint-Gelais
    • June 1 + June 2 + June 8 + June 9 + June 10, 2018
    Salle de concert — Conservatoire
    Montréal, Québec

What’s New?

  • A First Look at the Rehearsal!

    With less than two weeks to go before the world premiere, we are pleased to share with you the first images of Yby, the bird-narrator, Poulane, the King’s mother, Feintise the devious Lady-in-Waiting and Belle-Étoile, the sacred princess.

    This opera, which is Chants Libres’s 13th creation, brings together some of the biggest names in Quebec live performance: Robert Bellefeuille with the stage direction, Pierre Morency with the libretto, and of course the illustrious Quebecois composer Gilles Tremblay. Over 100 people have been involved in this Enchanted Opera in the 5 years it took to create. This is Tremblay’s first opera, in a career spanning more than 40 years, written for no less than 12 performers and 25 musicians and being performed in one of Quebec’s most prestigious theatres dedicated to live performance, the Salle Ludger-Duvernay at the Monument-National. A mixture of legend and fairy tale, the Enchanted Opera takes both young and old on a journey into a poetic world where valiant love must confront the vicissitudes of deceitful souls…

    Three nights only, November 19, 20, and 21, 2009 at 8:00 PM in the Salle Ludger-Duvernay at the Monument-National. If you don’t want to miss THE event of the Tremblay Season, reserve your tickets now by phone at 514-871-2224 or online at admission.com, tickets are going fast.

    News posted by Chants Libres on Monday, November 9, 2009

  • Jean Bard, Stage Designer of the Enchanted Opera is Finalist for the Siminovitch Prize!

    To create the magic within the Enchanted Opera, we recruited some of the biggest personalities in Quebecois live theatre. Behind the stage design, we find Jean Bard, a designer who is well known in the Montreal theatre scene since 1989. A designer of more than a hundred designs for repertory and new works, we are pleased to announce that he is finalist for the Siminovitch this year. The Siminovitch Prize for Theatre was created in 2001 in honour of the renowned scientist Lou Siminovitch and his wife Elinore, a dramatic author. This annual prize sponsored by BMO Financial Group, is the most important prize in the Canadian theatre world. It awards directors, designers and writers in an alternating 3 year cycle. It is with a certain measure of pride that we share this news with you.

    News posted by Chants Libres on Monday, November 9, 2009

  • Around Gilles Tremblay Print Exhibition

    The exhibition «Around Gilles Tremblay» will be displayed from October 26th to December 20th in the Quebecor Café at the Monument-National. 16 members of ARPRIM have produced a print series based on the work of Gilles Tremblay. Inspired by his music, the artists have re-created Gilles Tremblay’s musical universe in a truly unique way. Come and get the free catalogue of the exhibition before it’s too late: there are a limited number. There will be a 5 à 7 held in honour of the exhibition on November 19th, the evening of the world premiere of L’eau qui danse, la pomme qui chante et l’oiseau qui dit la vérité.

    An ARPRIM event (Regroupement pour la promotion de l’art imprimé) in collaboration with the Monument-National as part of the Homage Series for Gilles Tremblay presented by the SMCQ (Société de musique contemporaine du Québec).

    News posted by Chants Libres on Monday, November 9, 2009

Chants Libres, the lyric creation company, produces and tours new forms of opera, of variable geometry, in which artistic and technological innovation come together.

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