Chants Libres, the creative opera company, creates and tours new forms of opera in all shapes and sizes, in which artistic and technological innovation are the focus. Since founding the company in 1990, its Artistic Director, Pauline Vaillancourt, has been creating and producing operas by bringing together creative artists from all disciplines around a common theme: the voice. The company offers an operatic repertoire adapted to the colours of modernity, constantly exploring new techniques and approaches to the vocal arts. After many outstanding productions, the company has garnered a solid reputation and has become an indispensable and unique tool for artists who work with sound, images and words and who wish to reinvent opera, either in traditional or radical forms.

Chants Libres has taken on an ever increasing role in the training of new contemporary artists and the dissemination of new works. The international stature of the company allows us to continuously promote our home grown creative talent worldwide. For more than twenty years, Chants Libres’ productions have toured Venezuela, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands. At the same time, Chants Libres hosted the New-Op 8 international opera conference, supports the next generation of opera artists with its Oper’actuel Works in Progress event and its training and research workshops. Chants Libres has been awarded thirteen prizes for excellence.

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