Carré de soie by Dominique Blain

Chants Libres, the creative opera company, creates and tours new forms of opera in all shapes and sizes, in which artistic and technological innovation are the focus. By purchasing a Carré de soie by visual artist and set designer Dominique Blain, you are supporting Chants Libres in its mission: to support the creation of new operas, help disseminate international-calibre works and ensure the future of opera.

Carré de soie, Dominique Blain. Impression on silk, 90 cm x 90 cm, limited edition

Only 10 available! Unit selling price: 600 $

ASP: $350 — Charitable tax receipt $250. All money raised will go to Chants Libres.

Discover the story behind Carré de soie, a work by Dominique Blain

Carré de soie by Dominique Blain — Charity sale for the benefit of Chants Libres
May 2018, 2m02s

“The scarf is a component of the attire in many religions. At a time when conflicts are often derived from religious rivalries, it seemed appropriate to me to use an item that belongs to a symbolic universe shared by many cultures, as well as the fashion world.
A closer look at this seemingly traditional silk scarf reveals the interwoven symbols of a dozen religions harmoniously occupying the same space. Given the universal need to believe, and at a time when more than ever in recent history religious dogma divides and threatens, this impression on silk speaks of peace, reconciliation and, above all, freedom.” — Dominique Blain

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