Jocelyne Alloucherie

  • Artist (scenography)


Jocelyne Alloucher lives and works in Montreal. Through complex configurations, her work explores, in a conceptual and poetic way, notions relative to images, to objects and space. She has created a large number of installations that combine elements relying on sculptural, architectural and photographic concepts.

Some permanent works, created for public spaces, demonstrate the same preoccupations. Jocelyne Alloucherie’s career has been celebrated with many prizes, most notably the Martin Lynch Stanton Award from the Canada Council, in 1989, the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) in 1997, the Louis Hébert Prize form the Société Saint Jean-Baptiste of Montreal in 1999, the Governer General Prize in Arts and Media Arts from the Canada Council in 2000, Paul-Émile Borduas Prize in 2002, and the Jean-Paul Riopelle Prize in 2007 from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Her work has been shown in many major arts institutions in Canada as well as in many European countries and in Japan. She has been featured in critical articles in Parachute, Etcetera, Ciel Variable, Canadian Art, Vanguard, Flash Art, Contemporanea, Ligéia, Visuel(s) revue d’art et d’architecture, Art Press, Tema Celeste, Ante prima. She created vivid pieces in the first Canadian Bienale in 1989, in Anninovanta in 1991, at Différentes natures in 1993 (La Défense), at the first Montreal Biennale in 1998, at Libera Mente in 1999, at Paessaggii / Landscapes in 2001, at Camere con vista in 2002, at the Biennale de Liège in 2002; at Espèces d’espaces / Espècies d’espais (Vox et Tinglado2) en 2005; at Real spaces / Ficticious spaces in 2006, Tabacalera (es.): at the Biennale de Sedan in 2006. In 2007, she was also part of the Transphotographiques de Lille et d’Il Velo, at the musée Il Filatoio (Cuneo).



  • Alexandra (2012)
    Road Opera
    • Music: Zack Settel
    • Libretto: Yan Muckle
    • Original Concept and Stage Direction: Pauline Vaillancourt
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