Alain Pelletier is a multidisciplinary artist. His multifaceted talent and creative impulses have pushed him to explore the theatre arts, the visual arts and writing. At the centre of his preoccupation: the body, its miseries, ecstasies and the complex relationship it has with consciousness. This questioning is at the heart of all his works of art.

Very quickly after training as an actor at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal, his tastes pushed him towards the visual arts. As early as 1985, he had a show at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. He then turned towards dance. In Montreal, he danced for Jocelyne Montpetit and Tedi Taffel. He danced in the Czech Republic and Japan mostly for Min Tanaka — he spent a year in Japan as a member of her company. After that stay, he returned to the theatre as an actor, director and video artist in a one man show produced in France (Fils de chien, 1996). He was also an actor and video artist in England (Faust is dead, 1997), where he was lauded by the London critics for his portrayal of a French philosopher. For the pas few years, his main interest has been principally with video arts. He directed Faux Fluides (1993), Faust Médusé (1995) and World Trade Opéra (2003)

These works where mostly distributed in Europe, Canada and the United States. He has won many prizes both nationally and internationally. In 2001, he had a second exhibition at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. There he showed Persééduse, a video installation. In 2005, Alain Pelletier designed the visuals and the set of the Oper’installation L’Archange, produced and created by Chants Libres. He is currently the Artistic Director of PRIM Video in Montreal.


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  • L’archange (2005)
    • Music: Louis Dufort
    • Libretto: Alexis Nouss
    • Original Concept and Stage Direction: Pauline Vaillancourt
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