January 13, 2010

Upcoming Events for Chants Libres

Montréal, Wednesday, January 13, 2010 — After the unequivocal success of the production of L’eau qui danse, la pomme qui chante et l’oiseau qui dit la vérité, the 13th new opera by Chants Libres seen by more than 1400 people, the company is already working on many important projects:

  • International Voices 2010, a professional workshop for singers slated for June 2010
  • Auditions for the 20th anniversary celebration for Chants Libres in February/March 2010
  • The remount of The Ice Child as part of the Vox Clamans Festival organised by the Center for Contemporary Opera in New York City in July 2010
  • Preparation for the special event to honour Chants Libres’ 20th anniversary planned for Spring 2011
  • The creation of Chants Libres’ next new opera for 2011-12 Alexandra inspired by the life of the explorer Alexandra David-Néel

Chants Libres

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