April 28, 2014

Chants Libres presents its 15th new opera, Le rêve de Grégoire

Montréal, Monday, April 28, 2014 — Chants Libres, with its Artistic Director Pauline Vaillancourt, presents its 15th new opera, Le rêve de Grégoire by Pierre Michaud, who also wrote the libretto, with stage direction by René-Daniel Dubois and stage design Gabriel Tsampalieros.

Le rêve de Grégoire is a fable. A fable about our world. A savage fable, maybe even a desperate one. But certainly not a defeatist one. A fable that asserts: “There is something in me that power and authority, no matter how absurd or out of control, can never destroy.” (René Daniel Dubois)

The characters of this poetic and unusual tale are portrayed by the singers François-Olivier Jean, (tenor, Grégoire), Marie-Annick Béliveau (mezzo-soprano, Authority), Dion Mazerolle (baritone, The Guide), Andrzej Stec (tenor, Prometheus), Rebecca Woodmass (soprano coloratura, Matilda), Michiel Schrey (tenor, Ignorance) and Dorothéa Ventura (soprano). The quasi-Felliniesque music is performed by three Montreal ensembles brought together for this opera: The Bozzini Quartet, the Quasar saxophone quartet and the Sixtrum percussion ensemble conducted by Walter Boudreau.

Stage design is by Gabriel Tsampalieros, lighting by Guy Simard, costumes by Marianne Thériault and make-up by Jacques-Lee Pelletier.

Le rêve de Grégoire… or the solitude of the last member of an almost extinct species. A voyage at the crossroads between reality and fantasy.

«Nothing is more foolish than to talk of frivolous things seriously; but nothing is wittier than to make frivolities serve serious ends.» (Folly)

Le rêve de Grégoire begins with an arrest. Accused of a crime he knows nothing about, Gregor will be executed the following morning. Alone in the obscurity of his cramped cell, he begins to dream about the path his life took. In his agitated descents into various dream worlds, he meets, one after the other, characters that are imaginary, mythical and real. Gregor becomes a privileged observer behind the scenes.

Folly will accompany him back to school where he will meet Cupidity, Authority and Ignorance. Waking up suddenly from his dreams several times, Gregor will come to know Matilda, who will give him the courage needed to confront his fate. He will be present at a session of parliament, presided by Prometheus, and witness the confrontation between the Gods of the Market Place, who have placed 333 3333 words on the blacklist, and the Gods of Copy Book Headings, the party in opposition, who will beg Gregor to survive his execution.

When reality overcomes fiction, what will happen to Gregor, trapped by his metamorphoses?

«We, the insects, will not adopt bureaucratic language to speak about art, to justify art. Our language will be colour!» (Gregor)

Audiences have already had an opportunity to discover an excerpt of this new work during the 4th edition of Oper’Actuel 2013 Works In Progress, presented by the company in April 2013.

Le rêve de Grégoire, produced Chants Libres in co-production with the SMCQ, is presented as par of Le Vivier’s 4th season and receives the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, from the Canada Council and the Conseil des arts de Montreal.

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