April 12, 2017

The creation of the music for Yo soy la desintegración, by the composer Jean Piché

Montréal, Wednesday, April 12, 2017 — In 1997, François Toussignant, a journalist for Le Devoir, wrote the following about the music composed by Jean Piché for Yo soy la desintegración: «The melodic quality of the composition… Piché manages to subtly blend the mixing of the vocals, achieving an ideal that Lully and Debussy also worked so hard to realize… The music creates strong emotions, it is a call to the new, a form of art that nourishes the soul and gives hope.»

20 years later, the composer fondly rediscovers the music he created for this opera, which he now describes as being «among the best music I’ve ever composed.» Production/editing/photo: Manuel A. Codina

L’écriture de la musique de Yo soy la desintegración par son compositeur, Jean Piché
Directed by Manuel A Codina, 2017, 2m35s
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