July 6, 2017

Love Songs Opéra by Ana Sokolović: Book your tickets now

Montréal, Thursday, July 6, 2017 — Only 3 performances in September 2017, on Wednesday the 27th, Thursday the 28th, and Saturday the 30th at the Gesù, Centre de créativité, In collaboration with Le Vivier.

Chants Libres is giving "carte blanche" to Marie-Annick Béliveau who, with Jean Derome, will be performing the Love Songs Opera by Ana Sokolović; a new version of the original work created in 2008, under the direction by Frédérick Gravel.

A complex mosaic, made up of all the musical world can offer, with its epochs and its romantic escapades, this piece for solo voice and saxophone represents love in 100 languages.

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