December 7, 2017

Our company is in mourning: Two of our most loved partners have passed

Montréal, Thursday, December 7, 2017 — An homage to Jacques Clément and Eric Salzman

Lawyer Jacques Clément, one of the pillars of our company, has died. He gave us so much for more than 20 years as the President of the Board of Directors of Chants Libres as well as being a loyal friend to the company. He was an erudite man, he supported us, encouraged us, with his generosity of spirit over many of our passionate and difficult projects. His opinions, and his council, as well as his tenderness, will be missed. Farewell, dear Jacques. You will be missed, we send you all our love and appreciation.

The composer Eric Salzman also passed away this month. He was one of those rare composers who dedicated himself to modern musical theatre, working to clear a path to new forms of opera. His book, The New Music Theater, gives us a glimpse at his important achievements in the art. The director, Antoine Laprise, said of him:

“it is through Chants Libres that I met Eric Salzman and we developed a relationship that allowed us to create, a few years later, the most beautiful staged music for La Bonne âme du Secthcouan by Bertolt Brecht, at the Théâtre du Trident in Quebec City, in 2004. The hours of work in the fever of passion for music, the creativity, the imagination, are still an indelible episode of the artistic process for the whole team. Eric was a man who was so generous with an amazing work ethic, but more than that, a contagious spirit about Art… and in the art of friendship.”

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