Alternate Visions

Augmented Opera
  • Music: John Oliver
  • Libretto: Genni Gunn
  • Stage direction: Pauline Vaillancourt

“Étrange Alternate Visions […] mais plus dense que bien d’autres spectacles multi-médias.”

Odile Québec, Le Devoir (Canada), May 5, 2007

Vaillancourt is known for tackling works that are contemporary, not just in their musical language. She delights in commentary on current pop culture. The Usine C space for instance, is configured as a techno dance club, complete with bar, suspended TV monitors and some nifty robotic devices. She has also assembled an ideal team to make this vehicle sing […] the company assembled a solid roster of singers. What does follow, though, are some very beautifully sung duets and a really powerful ensemble leading to the show’s climax.”

Alan Conter, The Globe and Mail (Canada), May 3, 2007

“… bluesy arias are delivered with warmth […] a mock-romantic duet for the supporting characters had an agreeable air of Broadway.”

Arthur Kaptainis, The Gazette (Canada), May 3, 2007
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