• Music: Louis Dufort
  • Libretto: Alexis Nouss
  • Original Concept and Stage Direction: Pauline Vaillancourt
L’archange (2005)


Radio-Canada - 11 mai, 2005 - Cutlur’A

The Oper’installation L’Archange explores the trial of the Archangel of Evil. Placed inside three fabulous video installations, three new victims testify about their misfortunes before a judge who becomes progressively more agitated. Walking through the space, sometimes even bumping into audience members, the judge finally suspends the trial, which has no beginning and no end.

To judge evil in order to condemn it. To judge it according to ethical norms in order not to behave in such a way. A trial.

Evil — by which we mean absolute evil (the evil of genocides, nuclear bombs, terrorism) — eludes reason, history or even description. In fact it can only be embodied by an archangel. Moreover, rhetorical speech — articulated, argumentative, analytical — cannot be used because evil eludes any sense. In fact that’s what defines it. However, by using opera’s excessive aesthetic, enough space can created to at least approach the subject, if not to give it a thorough examination.

Creative Team

Performers at the Premiere

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  • L’archange (DVD-R-Video, 2008)
    • Music: Louis Dufort
    • Libretto: Alexis Nouss
    • Stage direction: Pauline Vaillancourt
    26.00 CAD
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