Chants du Capricorne

Performance Opera
  • Music: Giacinto Scelsi
  • Original Concept and Stage Direction: Pauline Vaillancourt


  1. In the beginning… the workshop: a place for gestation. An inert mass gives birth to life. A savage Galatea called on by the Sauh (song of a liturgy for dawn)
  2. And… the body resonates like a sonar: blind emissions whose vibrations reveal the space.
  3. Then… the space is defined by the wind: the breeze scours the sight that was unearthed and re-discovers sight. Penetration by what is visible, sometimes unbearable. An interaction which gives birth to the feeling of self with all its limits and freedoms.
  4. Movement spreads its wings… the known space gets bigger… Narcissus’ Dance.
  5. The first cocoon is abandoned: the first death, the first resurrection.
  6. Called by an emerging life force: is there another fragile being who is like me?
  7. Predator and prey: attacks and protects. A risk of being engulfed.
  8. The intruder becomes the other… and the other become the other self… release, awakening, curiosity, availability… nor more prey and predator.
  9. Rapt. Abduction. Rapture. Elevation.
  10. Saturation-satiety.
  11. A new imbalance. A metabolic cataclysm begins in the body.
  12. Another moulting. More and more blood is exposed.
  13. But, with this shedding of skin, the real core is found. Immodesty… Immodesty… Immodesty.
  14. Final moulting: dereliction.
  15. The march of knowledge before dusk.
  16. The heroism of silence.
  17. The state of silence.
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