The Ice Child

  • Music: Zack Settel
  • Original Concept and Stage Direction: Pauline Vaillancourt


The Ice Child reappears to haunt us after being buried in an icecap of the Andes Mountains for 500 years, becoming the shadow of man, the voice of women, haunting us to the point of madness. Time, which learns nothing from history, by turns slow and whirling, marks the life of the characters as it passes, drawing them into a frantic, desperate and passionate chase. Dizzy from the excitement of the moment, swept into the whirlwind of the future, will they understand the story of The Ice Child, will they be nourished by her song, will they be able to hold onto to time as it drifts by?… Life fights on and clings to existence, incredibly, furiously, and without remorse.

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