Le rêve de Grégoire

  • Music and libretto: Pierre Michaud
  • Stage direction: René-Daniel Dubois
Le rêve de Grégoire [Gregor’s Dream] (2013-14)


2014 — Prix Opus “Creation of the year”.

Le rêve de Grégoire (Gregor’s Dream) begins with an arrest. In his cell, a man awaits his execution. He has no idea what he might have done to deserve such a fate, but whether he finds out or not, it won’t change his situation. He will die. Or maybe not.

But why? Le rêve de Grégoire is a fable. A fable about our world. A savage fable, maybe even a desperate one. But certainly not defeatist.

A fable which asserts: “There is something in me that power and authority, no matter how absurd or out of control, can never destroy.”

René-Daniel Dubois

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Production Chants Libres / Coproduction SMCQ

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