Lulu, le chant souterrain

  • Music: Alain Thibault
  • Libretto: Yan Muckle
  • Stage direction: Wajdi Mouawad


A man walks the streets of big city. He searches as he walks. He searches for the woman who will recognize him. He searches for the woman who will know how to speak to him about what he holds most secret. When he finds her, he first wants to fall in love with her. But he mostly wants to subjugate her. And she allows herself to be subjugated. And the man becomes angry and wants to subjugate her even more. And the woman again let’s herself be dominated. The man is consumed by his desire to dominate. The woman demands more violence. She insists on absolute domination. And he dominates her, until he finds himself completely subjugated. In order to stop the spiral, he kills. Because there is no other solution. He kills and runs away like a madman. He runs through the streets. He runs through the darkest parts of the city. He catches his breath. He starts to walk again. And returns to being a man who walks the streets of a big city.

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