Pacamambo, l’opéra

Opera for 8- to 98-year old kids
  • Music: Zack Settel
  • Libretto: Wajdi Mouawad
  • Stage direction: Claude Poissant

“The story is simple, beautiful and touching, the music is subtle, spare and very contemporary, the direction is dynamic, ingenious and refined, the design is multi-coloured and inventive, the performance of the five singers are as lively as they are impeccable, and there is a perfect symbiosis of the musical duo. It almost certainly made the audience think: “Oh, that’s opera? Well, I like it…””

Dominique Lachance, Le Journal de Montréal (Canada), December 4, 2002

“… Zack Settel’s abstract and very modern melodies are blended with rap lyrics that speak to young people in a language they can understand, and that will bring them to other worlds, to the unknown…”

Ève Dumas, La Presse (Canada), December 3, 2002

“…this successful new production by Chants Libres is a minor miracle on a scenic level… the characters seem tailor-made for the performers… the children will love them all. Pauline Vaillancourt wanted to create poetic opera for young audiences. She and her entire creative team should be proud of the result.”

François Tousignant, Le Devoir (Canada), December 2, 2002
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