The Wings of Daedalus

  • Music: Maurizio Squillante
  • Libretto: David Haughton, Fabio Squillante


The New Humanity: A Cyborg Between Two Labyrinths

The labyrinth has haunted Man since the dawn of time. In fact, the “place of the tangled pathways” is an existential condition of human experience. Even more, it is the primal state of existence. Without the labyrinth, Man cannot define himself; in it is enclosed the secret of life and death. Human destiny is hidden within the maze, and its path is traced out. In today’s world, on the verge of profound changes, our labyrinth is the dogma, which claims to define, as in a holy book written at the dawn of time, the code for every acceptable or practicable truth.

The civilization of the book concretizes the anxiety for the overcoming of self, defining unbreakable rules and designing moral frameworks. The territory of reality has thus become drastically reduced. This means that the search for transcendence is an individual quest, which each one must attempt, identifying for himself his own escape-route in the infinite repetition of designated paths.

Man in the next few millennia, the new Daedalus, will be the sublimation of today’s Man, thanks to a process of material, and therefore spiritual growth of which we can already see the symptoms today in the most extreme artistic and scientific feeling. In modern thought. matter evolves in spirit, physics no longer recognizes differences between observing mind and observed object, and the alchemical dream of liberating the vital spirit from coarse matter is part of the future quantum vision of the universe. Starting from one’s body in order to reach the perfection of pure thought is not irrational: it is necessary.

Today’s humankind has to violate its own biological structure for acquiring a new physical identity. The consequence of such, is the development of a nervous system with new potentialities. New Man will no longer be as we know him today: he will be a creature closer to the Cyborg, synthesis of two natures — human and biomechanical — incarnating the sublimation of both in a different and superior identity. The Cyborg’s new way of approaching the cosmos will generate new sensibilities. Unknown and inconceivable feelings will inflame his passions and excite his senses, open to influxes of which we suspect nothing.

New Man will see other forms of interpersonal relationships, and a society based on complete and direct communication between diverse single free wills. He must find different forms of association such as those which form the connecting mega-network which will constitute the future labyrinth where the Cyborg — new Minotaur — will be imprisoned. The complete and immediate communication of every emotion consequently results in trivialization and the result could be a humanity newly flattened out by a materialism devoid of spiritual light, newly awaiting the coming of a new Daedalus for an escape.

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