Yo soy la desintegración

Performance opera
  • [Remount]
  • Music: Jean Piché
  • Libretto: Yan Muckle
  • Original Concept and Stage Direction: Pauline Vaillancourt


  1. Childhood — A woman rummages through the house of her memories and relives her childhood.
  2. The accident — The chaos of tearing, of dismemberment. The world of the young girl is rocked by unlimited suffering. Everything that was, is no longer. Everything that is not pain is lost, cancelled out.
  3. Today lasts forever — The damaged body, impatient to live, slowly begins to move again. Lying on the ground, the woman creeps along with great effort in her new skin; her iron dress.
  4. My blood — The woman gets to her feet. She rediscovers a part of her femininity, she reacquaints herself with movement and the world around her. Her desire to live is so great… but for the moment the mirrors reflect only one image — her own.
  5. Love — a withering and unusual affair with the object of her desire. Love finally finds its mark, and the woman finds what she was always looking for: man now appears everywhere. Over the course of this strident nuptial ceremony, a mixture of hymns to love and provocative dancing, everything seems possible.
  6. In the shadows — a slow journey through the kingdom of man, not appearing onstage, but present in the heart. The woman knows she’s been betrayed: but she continues to dance, speak to her love and seek again to rejoin him.
  7. The child and death — death comes in the form of aborted reproduction, brutal and bleeding. It is the end of dreams, with a useless body and a soul that gets no rest. The woman rediscovers her solitude and the pain of dismembered body.
  8. The broken wings — we cut a wing and clip a foot: what if the heart nevertheless manages to soar? The body, exhausted, anaemic, finally fails. The only thing remaining in the woman is the strange force that has always propelled her. An ever increasing weariness mixes in with her ever present desire, and then it is the end.
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